Emergency app for Mallorca

In Mallorca and the neighboring Islands exists an emergency app for smartphones and tablets. Users of the application with the name "My 112" can be located in an accident or emergency by GPS. Within seconds, the Balearic control center detects the exact location and can react accordingly. According to the SEIB is the new service "My 112" especially for hikers and cyclists - for example in the Tramuntana mountains. If there is no Connection to the Internet, the GPS data will be transmitted via the telephone emergency call. In addition, other users are informed of the emergency to administer first aid if possible. In addition, photos can be sent via the app. The GPS emergency system was started already half a year ago in Madrid, next to Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands, the app can now also in Catalonia, Castile-León and Cantabria be used. You can download the service in the online store from Google and Apple.


The „Mallorcarunaway“ app was developed on and for Mallorca. The user has only to focus with his camera lens on the mobile phone the place where he is currently on his Majorca trip. The app automatically adds icons to the image that show where museums, restaurants, or other places of interest are located. An increasing number of municipalities on the island have already expressed their interest in being included in the app. The advantage for the user is that the app can also be used in offline mode.