Arrival by plane

Mallorca continues to be the destination in and around the Mediterranean. In consequence there are direct flights to Mallorca from every major city in Europe - possibly several times a day. With the destination PMI, you will find flights at

A few notes about this:
Norwegian = comes from Norway, but also starts from airports in European cities outside Norway
Vueling = a cooperation between IBERIA and British Airways

Especially in the off-season the selection of airlines is limited - in the high season they are able to “fill” the aircraft much easier. Therefore it may be necessary to accept flights with a stopover in the off-season - or you drive to a nearby airport.

You also have the opportunity to fly with IBERIA. But all flights are going via Madrid or Barcelona, so you always have a stopover and to change the plane. This will cost time and nerves – especially when you are traveling with children.

Another tip from us. Feel free to try the Google search engine, because it has the specific function flights. Currently for this feature there is room for improvement - but as we all know Google, that will happen. And a quick overview, you get all ...

Informations on the PMI airport

The airport operator AENA has a very clear WebSite - partly in English. Here you will get all the necessary information about

- who flies (from where) to Palma de Mallorca

- is a flight in time

and much more.

A further provider of information about the airport in Mallorca is palmaairport. From our point of view, a very well-structured site, which gives you the necessary information quickly.

Airport Transfer

Meanwhile your are able to go from airport to the house without a rental car or taxi. Especially when you are traveling with more than 4 people and the appropriate number of suitcases, it may become a bit "tight". At Mallorca there are now plenty of companies that provide transportation - even a "10headed" tour group. Here is a selection


Of course, we can help to organize the transfer from the airport to the house. We work together with local taxi and transport companies. They know exactly where you want to go.

New from 2017: Bus transfer from the airport to Cala d'Or

Since 2017, the transport companies in Mallorca have set up a special service in public transport. The new bus service Aerotib connects Palma airport with several municipalities without having to change the bus. You can take the bus from the airport directly to Cala d'Or and then take a taxi to the Cala Murada. All you need to know is by clicking on the picture...

Car and vacation on Mallorca

Basically, is necessary for the stay in the Cala Murada no car. You will find in Cala Murada from supermarket and several restaurants to the beach, all you need. There are also bus services from and into the Cala Murada. The experience of the tourists, however, teaches that all of this is often not perceived as sufficient.

You can rent a car in the local area for a day – depending upon need - in order to go on a trip. You should please take into consideration that parking lots are everywhere very rare during the high season.

For a diving or a golf vacation or if you want to explore the island intensively as well as if you want to come to Mallorca in the off-season (November until March), however renting a car for the vacation is high recommendable.

Car and children in Spain

Since October 2015, minors up to a body size of 135 cm (means less than 136 cm!) have to be secured with a special child safety system. The decisive factor is only the body size. The new law does not apply to a certain age of the minor (formerly 12 years). It is also new that children always have to be carried in the back seat, except one of the following exceptions:
- There are no backseat in the motor vehicle.
- The backseat is already fully occupied by other minors with a body size of less than 136 cm.
- The required child seats can not all be installed in the backseat for reasons of space.

These rules also apply to taxis. If you are traveling with a minor in a taxi, you must carry an approved transport system with you. Driving of motorcycles and mopeds with children under 12 years as a passenger is prohibited.

penalty: about 260 €uro!

In the whole of Europe, only car seats are permitted in the car, which correspond to a certain standard. Currently the test standards ECE-R44/03 and ECE-R44/04 are valid. It is also important to ensure that the seat fits the child's weight and size, that it is properly installed in the car and, of course, that the child is properly secured in the seat.

Instead of offering a car seat at the respective car rental provider, it is often more convenient to take your own child seat, especially since most airlines offer the transport free of charge.

All this information is given without guarantee.

You need a rental car?

This is not a problem at Mallorca - give it a myriad of car rentals. And everyone knows to report on one or the other good or bad. Sometimes it is on the car - somtimes even on staff at the service. Especially in high season please make no mistakre about that! And this is the reason we can not advise any car rental. But we can give you some tips .

First of all, there is a serious difference when renting, because there are companies with a desk at the airport, companies handle the service in the airport or parking garage (this is forbidden but tolerated) and companies which put you in a van and bring you to there service point. Everything has its pros and cons. Not only in the (supposed) high season you can also loose 1 hour before the desk at the airport and you are still not tuned - during your colleagues were picked up, brought to the service point and are already with their favorite rental car on the road. The companies with a desk at the airport are:


The next tip is: make sure for the fuel-arrangement "full / full" - in web sites of some companies this arrangement can be specified as a search criterion. With this arrangement, you make sure that you do not have to pay the overpriced fuel loads when picking up the vehicle. With this arrangement you can return the vehicle refueled. A petrol station is right outside the airport (exit highway and then at the roundabout take the third exit, is also signposted). Or leave the highway one exit before airport, named industrial area "Son Oms". Take the fourth exit at the roundabout; from the service station just follow on the road and then arrive at the roundabout outside the airport.

And the last tip: book without deposit and pay attention to free cancellation! The reasons for this are:
If everything runs bad, you cannot resign from the reservation at the airport because you have already been paid and this money would have gone otherwise. This will bring you in in a rather silly position during negotiation.
Today you reserve a vehicle that you like. The price seems high - but secure for now. In three weeks you look once more for - and the price is now significantly lower. So reserve the vehicle and when the confirmation received, you can cancel the first reservation for free. We have even do so and believe me, we have saved over 100 €uro. But when you will reserve until four weeks before the start of the trip, then...

And how I can find a cheap rental car?

Good question - but not so difficult to answer. In the meanwhile there are countless brokers and comparison websites. It’s going tricky when in a comparison portal a broker appeared - then you will ask yourself who, when, where, what is earning.
The important thing is: have a look what is being offered really (see our tips). And have a look at the ratings. Normally and in the end the last decision is the price. Below we have listed some comparison websites for you:

On a final word hiring a car

We recommend, as mentioned, not one or the other car rental companies. Therfore the range of experiences is too small for us. But - we strongly advise you to make inquiries on the net about the car rental company, with which you want to rent the vehicle. This is also true if you book through one of said broker.
Most finding such information is more than simple - the brokers have often created the possibility of evaluation for their customers. And if there is then reported through bad experiences, then you should know what to do - if you want to start your holiday relaxed. Basically "low cost do not mean value for money!".

Taxi in Cala Murada

Believe it or not - in Cala Murada, there is a taxi company. Alicia is managing this company - as a continuation of Vincente, her father, really known by each in Cala Murada. Besides the fact that Alicia lives and works just around the corner there is another important point: Alicia speaks English.

TaxiService Cala Murada
C./Madeira, 1
Phone: +34 971 833 365
Fax: +34 971 834 101
Mobil: +34 609 330 624

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