The pool

The pool of Ca'n Perla has a size of 5 x 10 meters. At the front it is about 110 cm deep, in the rear area around 190 cm. Due to the large roman steps at the front it is very simple to step in and come out of the pool. At the same time, however, it is also - as the entire pool - a big issue if you are traveling with small children who can not swim. The pool is not created "child safe". That's what we have in our other house - Ca'n Jordi - solved very aware of and optimally.

In December 2013, we have subjected the pool a complete revison:
- the joints were all scratched out and the entire pool was re-grouted
- the pool-lamps were renewed and replaced by modern (blue) LED lamps and
- the pool was completely converted to salt water and is additionally provided with a UV water disinfection.

You wonder now, "salt water" in the pool?!? Yes - because we were tired of the vast amounts of chlorine - which we must give into the pool every year from June to September. Healthy is something else.

Is the water like in the sea?

The seawater has a salinity of about 3.5% - let's take the Dead Sea with its 28% off. The salt-plant operates at a concentration of 0.35% to 0.4% - this is only about 1/10 of the salinity of seawater! The composition can be compared with the tear fluid, so that the eyes can be opened without problems when diving. There are no "red" eyes due to irritation!

Why is salt water healthier?

The slightly salty water is antiseptic, destroying microorganisms that occur constantly in the pool water. The water is not contaminated from the outset with chemicals. Protection from microorganisms produced by the electrochemical production of the disinfecting reagents. Each of the resulting materials is capable of, even to destroy bacteria and other harmful organisms. In the totality of their strength is unsurpassed.

How does the water maintenance act with a salt system?

The sterilization is carried out by means of electrolysis and is extremely effective. Sodium chloride is ordinary table salt (chemical formula NaCl) and consists of two elements: sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). Salt and other chlorides, are well known, the main components of the seawater. If salt is dissolved in fresh water and electric power (6-12 V) flows through the solution, the sodium chloride is split, with sodium ions and hydrogen (H) on the -pole and the desired chlorine with oxygen at the +pole.

What means a "UV-water-disinfection"?

The UV-water-disinfection is a popular way of additional water treatment for swimming pools. This method can reduce the addition of all pool chemicals powerful and yet still maintain high water quality upright. The principle of water purification with UV-C radiation is known worldwide and is used in many applications for water treatment.

How is the "UV-water-disinfection" working?

During the cleaning phase, the water is sucked in by a pump and forced through the entire purification-plant. The water is also passed through a special tube which is exposed to UV-C-radiation. The rays penetrate through the water in the cell wall of microorganisms and destroy them - or at least their ability to reproduce is minimized.

And how all these things are solved at Ca'n Perla?

Well, we have revised the whole technology of the pool. This includes that the system now is monitoring the salinity of the water and the deduced disinfection activity by itself. The pH-level (7.4 - analog of the tear fluid) of the water is monitored by an independent device and if necessary readjusted automatically. The UV system is the final piece of the new technology. Here, where the entire pool water must pass, it is irradiated with appropriate UV light and thus kills the microorganisms that are still in the water. The entire system is automatically regulated, so you just have to exchange empty containers to full ones.

The result: crystal clear water without biting chlorine. This is the way to have much more fun when bathing in the pool of Ca'n Perla.

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