Ecology and the environment

Since we started renovating Ca'n Perla, we have been careful to banish the "electricity eaters" from the house. In many areas we could manage this - LED & Co. leave greetings. Also replacing the electric stove against a gas stove has reduced the electricity consumption. But in the end it is a house that needs quite a lot of electricity to function properly. For example, during the summer months the pool pump has to work 24 hours a day, so the (very warm) water in the pool can be kept at a reasonable level for our guests. This means 1,5kWh * 24 = 36 kWh - only for the operation of the pump - every day!

It is actually more than surprising that there are so few photovoltaic plants on Mallorca. Probably because there are too few hours of sunshine a year... For us this was the solution and so our photovoltaic system was installed in November 2016 and finally put into operation in January 2017. Today, we produce almost 50% of the electricity we consume ourselves. And when the guests join, it is also about 50%. Why guests? Now with the system it makes sense, to start the dishwasher and the washing machine not before 11:00 clock - because from this time the system generates the most electricity...

Here are some current data of our system - including the avoided CO2-load.