The bedrooms

Ca'n Perla possesses a total of five bedrooms. All bedrooms do have 2 beds of the size 90 cm x 200 cm. In addition, all bedrooms have enough possibility for the storage of our luggage in wardrobes - either as a built-in cupboard or as a single cupboard. Every bedroom has got a mirror.

In 2018 we renewed the mattresses in all bedrooms. You will sleep now on cold foam mattresses and we have made sure that in each bedroom is one with degree of hardness 2 and another with 3 available.

From the season 2018 each bedroom has its own air-conditioning. We have met the desire of many guests - but there are also many guests which are sure air-conditioning is not necessary. Anyone wants to make their holiday as he would like - which is why the cost of using the air-conditioning system is not included in the total price. Instead, we will charge you the exact cost of the electricity consumed during your stay. This works very simply, because we run all air-conditioning systems via their own digital current meter. When you arrive, the meter reading is read together with you. Before you leave also, the difference is the consumption of the air conditioners. No air conditioning? Then there are no costs. Only in one bedroom, the consumption should be low. All five bedrooms turned into a cold store, well ....

On average, a kilowatt hour of electricity including all taxes costs € 0.30 €uro - and that is exactly what we charge you.

Main bedroom with bath en suite

The main bedroom with the integrated bathroom is disposed as generous room. It diverts from the dining-room and lies calmly and separately next to the living room. Next to the large terrace-door, there is a direct access to the roofed terrace.

Guestroom I

This bedroom is also situated directly to the roofed terrace and has got a direct access to it in form of a large terrace-door. Also the second bath is directly next to it. An additional washbasin for your comfort is also available.

Guestroom II

This bedroom is situated oppositely to guestroom I and therefore, it is also directly next to the second bathroom. An additional washbasin for your comfort is also available.

Guestroom III

This bedroom is a "normal" double bedroom with a window to the garden and is situated next to the third bathroom.

Guestroom IV

This bedroom is located to the terrace with a large terrace-door and directly opposite the third bathroom. The bedroom can also be accessed through the living room.

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