What do we offer to you?

In the following, the equipment of Ca'n Perla is described.

How does one describe all "functions" of a house so that a possible guest can get to know it a bit better by a first impression?

In addition to the functional details, Ca'n Perla is a normally equipped house for the all-season life. You will find enough dishes, glasses as well as different utensils for the everyday - and average life which we do not specify specially here any more.

And if there is something missing... then simply contact us. Either we already have it or maybe it does make sense to buy it.

Heating and hot water is currently supplied by electric baths, our water is supplied by pipe ("city" water) and the electricity that we do not produce ourselves is supplied by GESA. There is also WLAN throughout the house and on the terrace.

After consultation, we can also make child equipment available for you like a child travel bed, a high chair for children, a child´s trainer seat etc.

360 degree panorama Ca'n Perla

The photo album of Ca'n Perla